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 11.09.22 - 11.12.22

Magical Downtown Cottonwood

& Sedona, Arizona! 


An In-Person 3-Day Experience to Access and Embody Heaven on Earth











A New Earth Co-Creation by:

Nicole Keating & Crista Mo’orea Collins


In the spirit of the New Earth, Nicole and Crista have come together to activate a community of Spiritual Seekers, Healers, Guides and Light Leaders.  As spiritual entrepreneurs, they envision the world lit up with people embracing their spiritual gifts and skills, supporting one another in conscious collaboration and rising together in the new energies.  We don't have to do this alone anymore. As one soul transforms, so does the collective.

Each Day Builds Upon The Next Culminating on the 11.11 Manifestation Portal


Releasing the Old Paradigm and Discovering Heaven on Earth: 

Where have we been and where are we headed? Releasing the Old Paradigm Trauma to make room for the Heaven on Earth Codes.


Co-Creating, Collaborating, Relating & Playing in the New Frequencies: 
How to Connect and Collaborate with Self in Relationship, Community and Business.  How to operate authentically and effectively in new ways!


The 1111 Gates of Heaven are Open for Manifestation:

Anchoring, Aligning Activating and Manifesting your personal Heaven on Earth Life.  Celebrating who we get to be for humanity going forward!


(OPTIONAL) Play in the frequency of Heaven on Earth in sacred Sedona: 
Choose your own Sedona Adventure (included for VIP ticket holders or separate $111 Upgrade ticket) and Ecstatic Dance on the red rocks (included for all ticket holders)

 There is massive importance in gateways as they are POWER MOMENTS in the year and the biggest one of all is coming up on 11/11.  We are in the middle of shifting timelines and this is a powerful time to IMPRINT & ANCHOR the world we wish to create. When we come together during a powerful gateway our intentions to create are amplified! 

LOOK NO FURTHER for the most perfect place to come together with sacred Soul Family and MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS during the 11/11 Gateway!!!

We are in a world of incredible shift and change. 


 Systems and structures are dissolving in front of our eyes, resulting in an intense time to be alive. Humanity is WAKING UP.  The Age of AQUARIUS is upon us. It is for US to create the NEW SYSTEMS that will support where we are going.  Where are we headed? 



Heaven on Earth is NOT a physical place where you will one day land. Heaven on Earth is a CHOICE you make every day.  Heaven on Earth is a FREQUENCY; it’s our highest TIMELINE…it's our DESTINY.  


Long awaited GIFTS and personal MASTERY are activating for us NOW. The inner WORK is mirrored in the outer WORLD.  The personal JOURNEY is reflected in the collective EXPERIENCE.


The BRIDGE between Heaven and Earth is the human HEART.  Your heart is the TECHNOLOGY of The New Earth!  Heaven on Earth is your highest FUTURE.  The 1111 GATES of HEAVEN is the time and place to ACTIVATE it!  Join us during the most powerful MANIFESTATION portal of the year this November 11.09.22 - 11.12.22. 


In addition to an incredible speaker line up, this event includes activations, INSPIRATIONScelebrations and CONVERSATIONS as we learn to create and collaborate in a whole new FREQUENCY and way of BEING.



What You Will Receive

  • RELEASE & TRANSFORM old paradigm programs. Initiate the new currency of joy, play and pleasure to create in a whole new vibration. Learn to work with the quantum field to manifest with ease.
  • JOIN, CONNECT, & ALIGN to your divine purpose and to a powerful community of Soul Family and Light Leaders on a complementary mission to your own. You were never meant to do it alone!
  • EXPERIENCE the art and magic of "Heaven on Earth" through the expression of dance, music, sound, light language, activations, initiations, facilitations, and celebrations to anchor in the energies for your own life.
  • DISCOVER & CLAIM your truth and your role in this new paradigm. Activate a bold, curious, heart-centered and grounded beingness no matter what is going on outside of you.
  • RECEIVE miraculous quantum healing for your physical pain, emotional pain and past trauma in order to clear and release your patterns, stories, behaviors, and addictions.
  • UTILIZE TECHNIQUES to embody the frequency of 5D to unlock your life's potential for synchronicities and miracles. Those "right place at the right time" moments can begin happening for you.
  • ACTIVATE your spiritual sovereignty and release codependency in order to collaborate, be in relationships, and be in community in a powerful new way. 
  • LEARN about the "Age of Aquarius" and where we are going astrologically to understand what is possible for you and all of humanity at this time. 
  • BALANCE & UNIFY your divine masculine & divine feminine energies to integrate and support the harmony of the Sacred Union within your soul.
  • DOWNLOAD the collective intelligence  of New Earth leaders, visionaries, quantum healers and sacred guideson the leading edge of the great shift.



Our event venue, "The Club House" at 805 N. Main Street, is right in the heart of adorable downtown Cottonwood. The streets are lined with restaurants, cafes and great shops making it the perfect location for the event experience.  Walk outside and find dozens of options at your fingertips, yet inside the Club House is a cocoon of serenity, light and beauty - a Heaven on Earth sanctuary!


With Sedona less than 20 minutes away you get the best of both worlds! The ease and fun of walking out on Main Street Cottonwood with tons of shopping and amazing food choices as well as the beautiful backdrop of the gorgeous Sedona Red Rocks. On Saturday you may "Choose Your Own Sedona Adventure" for a small additional cost (included in the VIP offering).

New Earth Cosmic Costume Ball  

Let's get dressed up and play! Join this super fun dance party and high vibrational musical soiree with New Earth Elixirs as well as light fare and hors d'oeuvres.  Pull out all the stops and get creative!  Dress up as the God or Goddess you are or your Cosmic or Galactic self.  There will be a professional photo op.
There will be a prize for the best costume!

Choose Your Own Sedona Adventure 

Sedona is known as the “Spiritual Capital of the World” with the most healers and guides per capita.  Heaven on Earth has selected from "Sedona's Finest" to create curated adventures for 1111 attendees, hence, "Choose Your Own Sedona Adventure"
For example: Choose a sacred and intimate land journey to Sedona's beautiful Shaman's Cave to experience a multi-dimensional healing musical experience with local legend, Miguel Montoya.

Meet The Creators 

Nicole Keating

Nicole Keating is a Divine Architect for Spiritual Leaders. She is the creator of Heaven on Earth Sedona Retreats and Sourcitarian Inc.  Nicole supports & coaches spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders "to source” their businesses and ideas to manifest in the New Paradigm. She is a modern marketing muse and works in a fun, creative, sustainable, and highly conscious way that supports clients to align their business with their best life. Nicole designs, leads, and facilitates multi-dimensional experiences, one-of-a-kind events and retreats, and elevated curriculum to support massive transformation.  She is trained in the appreciative inquiry process and facilitating bespoke on and offline experiences and events. 

Crista Collins
Crista is a psychic medium and transformational guide specializing in receiving clear intuitive guidance and divine source wisdom to guide visionaries to align with their unique DNA blueprint so they can be limitless in health, wealth and love. She is gifted with a unique capability to get clear and accurate information to guide her clients into a whole new way of being, especially when they are at a crossroads, to receive specific direction and clarity for their life whether it be in business, wealth or relationships.  She enjoys  collaborating with people who are enthusiastic about activating their ultimate potential and view their own personal transformation as a vessel for creating a better world.

Meet The Speakers & Teachers

Raquel Spring 

Raquel is a 4th Generation Astrologer and a powerful container for the divine feminine rising. An expert in the Black Moon Lilith and the Aquarian Age blending the art and science of Astrology to map the soul.

Larisa Stow

Larisa is a world-renowned Kirtan musical artist, channel and teacher of the WEvolution. Her work is on the forefront of where we are going as a conscious collective and how to operate in community in the new energy.

Aurora Luna Star

Aurora is a powerful channel of light, blending sound healing, light language, channeling and multi-dimensional quantum healing.  She teaches the language, tools, rituals and  practices of multi-dimensional living.

Ron Interpreter

Ron is a Navaho elder and teacher supporting ancestral wisdom for our modern day times. He holds sacred divine masculine tools for deep healing, shamanic ceremony, ancient native traditions and powerful rites of passage.

Suzanne Ross

Suzanne embodies over 25 years of experience coaching 1000's to enhance their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. As a spiritual counselor and channeler, she tunes into higher intelligence, akashic records, energy centers and activates dormant DNA.  She is the author of the Up! Trilogy, creator of SciSpi TV network, a national speaker and CEO of Awakening a 501c3 offering ascension retreats in Sedona.

Scott Catamas

Scott Catamas is an Emmy Award winning writer and producer for hundreds of shows seen internationally.  He is also the founder of The Love Coach Academy which trains relationship coaches and provides Scott's  relationship skill building tools. Scott has hosted and produced over 500 original online shows including Saturday Night Alive, Sacred Sundays and The Awakening World.

Leah Lovelight 

Leah is an authentic and potent healer, facilitator, author of the book, "Modern Fear The Invisible Prison," and leader of transformative experiences. She has a powerful presence emanating love, and her SUPERPOWER is helping people move from the energy of fear to the embodiment of love. Leah helps souls to break free of the ego and let down the walls around the heart.

Laura Quirke

Laura is a leader in transformation and a catalyst on the leading edge of quantum consciousness. It is her greatest pleasure to help people heal, transform, align and manifest their ideal life!  She is blessed with a vey powerful gift to channel a high vibrational energy straight from source that assists her clients to experience sometimes instant miraculous healing and transformation with ease and grace.


Melissa Feick

Melissa has over 20 years experience supporting the journey of the Spiritual-Adventurer™.  She uses metaphysical topics, ancient practices and the Akashic Records to help people heal, transcend lower frequencies and anchor in higher consciousness. Melissa is the bestselling author of “A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life, Raise Your Vibration” and creator of Activating Ascension classes, Intuitive Development Certifications and Akashic Records Certifications taught through her Spiritual Expansion Academy™. 

Lisa McCardle

Lisa is a spiritual coach, a divine teacher, a sacred rebel, an insightful intuitive and a full body spirit channel for the Light Council. She has an incredible gift with words. As a creator of magic, mystery, manifestation and miracles, she plays in the realms of the multi-dimensional playground of consciousness and walks with people to the remembrance of their greatest truth, so that they may rise up sovereign, free and in the truth of their sacred divinity.  Lisa offers one on one coaching as well as a membership program called The Spirit Powered Portal.


India Zoe Prema

India is the author of "Burning the House Down" a harrowing journey through her "Dark night of the Soul" which will be out next Spring.  After her whole life collapsed India found herself recovering from cancer, a breakup and lost in anger, depression, isolation, and fear. After 5 years of struggle she liberated herself through deep healing; self-awareness, gratitude, joy, and gaining a meaningful purpose.  India’s truly knows the path of the "Wounded Healer" her work is transformative; taking you deep into your shadow so you can liberate your soul.  

 Isaac Mars

Isaac is a theoretical physicist, a spiritual guide, an author, and public speaker. The Universe revealed many secrets to Isaac as to the nature of reality.  Isaac unlocked the ability to simplistically express the science of spirituality; the nature of our origin. He is on a mission to bring this Universal knowledge to the world. His dream is to come together and create a world limited only by our imagination, suffering fades to a distant memory, and every person from every nation, color, class, creed can unite under the unifying nature of consciousness.

Stu Z     

Stu Zimmerman ktherwise known as (Stu Z) is the founder/CEO of Only The Source, a transformational media and lifestyle company.  He's created Better Than Sex TV, The Daily Reset, Parallel University, Pastor Present and has interviewed luminary teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Byron Katie.  Stu Z infuses a profoundly delightful presence with insightful wit that conjures a mix of the Dalai Lama and George Carlin... or so he likes to think.


Sarah Strong

Sarah, originally from Austraila and of Pleaidian origin, is a divine feminine activation and star-seed coach. She is a medium, empath, telepath, psychic. She channels the star beings including the Pleiadians, Arcturians & Andromedeans as well as Ascended Masters, fairies, dragons and spirit guides!  Sarah is a light-worker and ancient one who has traversed dimensions for lifetimes collecting energy, light and wisdom to share here on Earth at this time. She is an activator for the New Earth opening portals to anchor joy and play energy here and now!

Deva Vidya

Deva is High Priestess of Way of the Sacred and a Master Spiritual Growth Teacher.  As a channel she brings the Divine Feminine into physical form. She is a Multidimensional, Intuitive Healer and Seer; a trained and certified Reiki Master/Teacher and an Access Consciousness Facilitator. She guides her clients to healing, self-empowerment, balance and re-alignment, accessing the multidimensional parts of Self with Shamanic Journey, high vibrational Sound Healing and Light Language.

Tanjila Islam 

Tanjila is the Creatrix of SoulSearch. She is a long-time spiritual seeker, global adventurer, entrepreneur, and multi-dimensional guide. SoulSearch ( is the global online destination for spirituality and consciousness. As a serial technology entrepreneur and international economic development & global trade expert, Tanjila has founded several technology businesses and worked all around the globe. In addition to her work with SoulSearch, Tanjila is committed to supporting others in relaxing into their Divinity Within through ceremony, meditation, activations, and retreats.

Charley Lamson

Charley Lamson is a Sacred Fire Alchemist and Angelic Healer.  Charley's work includes Angelic Healing, Cosmic Prana Healing, Sacred Fire Transmutation, Soul Activations, Intuitive Counseling, and Resurrection & Self-Mastery Coaching. He works with you to transmute limiting energies into Ascension frequencies for your expansion and spiritual transformation. With Sacred Fire Alchemy, you are able to heal your ancestral karma, embody your mastery, and transform your life. Charley offers in-person sessions at his office in Sedona, Arizona, as well as virtual sessions via zoom.  You can connect with him at



Angel Howard

 Angela Howard, Founder and CEO of WildHeart Expressive has an under graduate degree in Psychology and a masters in International Business and Finance.  She is a somatic movement therapist and has had a holistic healing practice, including the aerial arts, for over 20 years. She is a motivational speaker and has led a diversity of transformational workshops. She has been a published writer, and a host on her own TV and radio shows.  She is currently pitching a TV series and writing several more.
To learn more, visit and join her IG community






  • 3 DAYS OF 1111 Gates of Heaven LIVE
  • A Ticket to the New Earth Cosmic Ball ($111 value)
  • Daily Access to the Coffee & Snack Bar 
  • Lifetime Access to the Replay Videos for the entire 3 Day event
  • An Invite to the Ecstatic Dance on the RedRocks
  • Coupon Code to the Heaven on Earth Online Membership




  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING mentioned in the General Admission Ticket Offering
  • Early Entrance & Upfront Seating
  • Organic Smoothies & New Earth Treats
  • An Invite to the VIP Speaker Dinner 
  • Choose Your Own Sedona Adventure ($111 value)
  • 1 Month Free of Heaven on Earth Online Membership ($111 value)




  • JOIN US VIA LIVESTREAM from the comfort of your own home no matter where you live
  • Participate in teachings, activations, meditations, presentations, live music and upgrade your DNA in the 1111 Gates of Heaven energy field
  • Lifetime Access to the Replay Videos for the entire 3 Day Event
  • Coupon Code to the Heaven on Earth Online Membership




  • ADD ON UPGRADE for General Admission ticket holders who want to play in Sedona on Saturday 11.12.22
  • Choose from multiple options including sacred land journey, healing workshops, musical experience,  sound alchemy and more! Options to Be Announced


Can't make it in person? Participate in the presentations, activations and the 1111 Gates of Heaven energy field from the comfort of your own home!  INCLUDES LIVESTREAM AND REPLAYS


Meet The Light Leadership Team

Jeremy Saccardi

Jeremy is a conscious chef and founder of Bon Meez - full spectrum culinary services. He pulled off an incredible Pleasure Dinner event at last years' Heaven on Earth Retreat and we are excited to have him returning this year!  His SUPERPOWER is creating incredible culinary adventures and also holding sacred space for the GODDESS!

Nancy Glass

Dr. Nancy Glass walks the leading edge of consciousness bringing her 50 years of experience as a transpersonal psychotherapist, visionary, teacher, yogi, and dancer. She is the creator of Radical Awakening Practices including Awakening Games and Awakening Dance. Her SUPERPOWER is facilitating magical vortexes that are light, fun, playful, yet deeply transformative. 

Robert Waldman

Robert is a multi-award-winning photographer who's images have appeared in Museum of Modern Art in New York and the American Embassy in Moscow. Robert has worked primarily in the entertainment industry creating posters, portraits, and headshots for movies and promos. He now brings his 50-plus years of experience in creating magical visual moments that capture the true essence of his subjects.  Robert will be our official event photographer at 1111!

Harmony Bishop

Harmony is pure joy radiating lighting up the world every where she goes! Having left the corporate world three years ago, she has been on a journey of self reflection, un-learning, healing and transformation.    Harmony’s SUPERPOWER is being an anchor, in which she  grounds and transmutes the energies where people are gathered for healing.  Her presence creates a “safety net” allowing light workers to focus and amplify their healing modalities.  

Alra Wolf

Alra is a master space holder and rightfully so as her name means, “Brings Light to Darkness”. Raised in a non conventional format, she was subject to traumatic experiences as a young child and teen. Seeking healing as an adult through transformational work in neurolinguistic reprogramming, energy healing, sound healing, breath work, nutrition, meditation, and more, she has harnessed the power to be bold.  She is now a source of change and inspiration in the lives of at risk youth. Her SUPERPOWER is resilience. 

Steph Good 

Steph is an open-hearted transformational mindset & manifestation coach, sound healer, and an aroma-hypnotherapist.  Her mission is to empower women by tapping them into the infinite magic of life through holistic mediums.  Steph created Wild Earth - a  luxury sensory experience company to support this mission. Her SUPERPOWER is her connection with Spirit that cultivates a deep sense of love, intuition and heart-centered healing.

Chrissy Sybesma

Chrissy is a vibrant beacon of light bringing her SUPERPOWER of silliness and love everywhere she goes.   "Chrissy, Unleash Your Light” is what she like to be known for!"  Chrissy has a smile that is contagious, a heart that is overflowing with love and she is one of the most positive people on the planet. She is also a master of details and the most loyal and caring person one will ever meet.  She is an integral part of our support system for 1111 Gates of Heaven and we are grateful for her sacred presence and service!

Jared Yetter


Jared is Nicole's divine  partner and an incredible healer with a background in energy healing, cranio-sacral, and deep shadow work and is the Heaven on Earth 1111 Gates of Heaven angelic handyman, eye candy, photographer extraordinaire and energetic support magic maker. His SUPERPOWER is anticipating the needs of others. His nickname is "Captain Comfort."